Mini Grimace

Canadian Hip-Hop, Country and Rock artist; Christopher Robert Marryatt aka Mini Grimace was born 1988 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Growing up in a small village just outside the city of Halifax he started writing poetry and lyrics at an early age but it wasn’t until many years later that he would try to break out of his shell. Living with depression and anxiety; Mini Grimace wasn’t always quick to show his talent. Infact, he hid it. It wasn’t until a family friend had helped him that he started to take music seriously. 

      While on the road to recovering from bad depression, Chris had started making TikTok’s; singing just trying to get comfortable with the world he lives in. When his friends heard his voice, they insisted that Chris try to record his music in a real studio and bring his stories to life. Chris now known as Mini Grimace did just that but what he did not know is that he would fall in love with it and that it would become a passion that he could not get enough of. 

       As of now, Mini Grimace has just released his first official music video with artist Mark Fahie and has released close to 30 songs. He is also currently working on his first LP due to release in 2023.

"Lifes a clock, and it got a quick tic so you better not stop."

Mini Grimace

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